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Pierre Ferdinand Poudeu

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Materials Chemist and Engineer with extensive experience on the design and development of sustainable materials for emerging technologies such as Energy Conversion (Thermoelectric, Photovoltaics), Energy Storage and Spintronics.

Poudeu 2022-V2.jpeg


B.S., Chemistry, University of Yaoundé-I, 1996

M.S., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Yaoundé-I, 1998

Ph. D., Inorganic Solid State Chemistry, Dresden University of Technology, 2004





MSE560 Structure of Materials

MSE500 Materials Physics and Chemistry



Research efforts are devoted to design, synthesis, and evaluation of solid-state inorganic materials with the goal to (1) discover new materials with significantly useful technological applications combining multiple interesting physical properties and (2) to understand and control the interplay between coexisting functionalities. Of particular interest are promising materials for spintronic, energy conversion (thermoelectric, photovoltaic) and energy storage applications.



University of New Orleans 07/10 – 08/11
Early Research Professor

University of New Orleans 08/07 – 08/11
Department of Chemistry and The Advanced Materials Research Institute
Assistant Professor

Northwestern University 09/06 – 08/07
Department of Chemistry
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Michigan State University 02/04 – 08/06
Department of Chemistry
Postdoctoral Research Associate



UNO "Early Research Professor" Award 2010
NSF-CAREER Award 2010

Associate Editor- Reviews in Advanced Sciences and Engineering (RASE ( – Since January 2011
Editorial Board - Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanomanufacturing ( – Since October 2010
Guest Editor- Special Issue “Advanced Thermoelectric Materials and Devices” published by Science of Advanced Materials ( – August 2011

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